• 100% Polyester
  • FULL OF FUN DETAILS - This adorable and eye - catching marine onesie features bright orange and white stripes and attached hand covers for the full fish effect. Be the life of any Halloween or family party. Nemo doesn't have anything on you!
  • COZY CONSTRUCTION - Fully crafted from a soft polyester, this fun costume is the perfect blend of comfort and fun. Ideal for staying warm during those chilly winter months! You will be the envy of all other marine life of the ocean.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION - The zip up closure allows you to quickly get dressed while the loose fit allows for full freedom of movement while maintaining style and comfort. The fun and whimsical designs will make sure you get noticed at your next festival and will allow you to just keep swimming.
  • SIZING & CARE INSTRUCTIONS - We recommend your new onesie costume be hand washed and laid flat to dry before wearing. Available in adult sizes X-Small through XX-Large. See size chart for details.
  • VACUUM SEALED PACKAGING - Your new pajama will come in a protective vacuum sealed package designed to reduce materials, fuel, waste and our carbon footprint. While caring for the planet and reducing packaging, we are able to pass cost savings on to you!


Who Loves Colorful Clown Fish? Transform yourself into your favorite marine animal. Made for you to show your true self If you are looking for an incredibly fun way to be the life of the party, look no further than this onesie fit for the perfect clownfish onesie. Each full-length adult plush bodysuit is a unique way to get in character in comfort, no matter what you want to be. Perfect for every occasion These cozy costumes are not just for Halloween parties. Throw on your comfortable jumpsuit whenever the mood strikes!!! Whether you are lounging with your friends and family or watching Nemo or Jaws, do not be afraid to show the world who you want to be. This fall season you will be comfortable, and you cannot go wrong rocking a stylish, soft pajama. Available in adult sizes X-Small through XX-Large Crafted from high quality, soft, poly-fabrication Deep pockets for convenience and organization A perfect blend of comfort and fun in a relaxed fit. Onesies have details that make our one piece costume the most realistic ones to choose from. Even Nemo would wear this cute clownfish costume! Fins on the back and coverings over the hands make any adult disappear into an aquatic dreamland. Realistic Hooded Clown Fish With Embroidered Eyes Crafted from an ultra-luxe, easy to care for polyester, these costumes are unbelievably soft and lets you move around with ease. Surround yourself in ultimate comfort, no matter where you wear it. This brightly colored hooded costume will make you the most realistic clownfish in the neighborhood coral reef. Wide range of sizes to fit all body types. Zipper closure makes it effortless for you to change into your shark costume pajama and to show off your playful side. Easy to use rubber zipper pull makes for a quick zip up so you can start relaxing in your costume or be ready for any fun party! Clown Fish Onesie Costume Penguin Onesie Costume Orca Killer Whale Onesie Costume Otter Onesie Costume Parrot Bird Onesie Costume Kids Shark Onesie Costume Special Features Bright Colored Orange And White Colors Soft Plush Fabric With Hooded Penguin Bill Contrasting Black & White Color, Dorsal Fin, & Detailed Hooded Face Hand Coverings To Keep You Warm Winged Arms With Large Beak On The Hood Plush Fabric To Keep You Warm On Cold Days & Nights Hobbies Include Swimming In The Coral Reef Eating Squid and Fish Swimming & Looking For My Next Meal Floating On My Back Fly High In The Sky On Windy Days Playing With Clown Fish Unisex Costume ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Sizes Available XS-XXL XS-XXL XS-XXL XS-XXL XS-XXL 4/6,7/9,10/12