Black Ski Sweater Style Hooded Jumpsuit for Women

$ 24.95

  • Black Hooded Jumpsuit with Pockets! - The comfiest way lounge around the house.
  • Stretchy Knit Microfiber with Spandex - So comfy but not too warm - the outside is incredibly soft - and the inside is knit which means that it will not overheat you.
  • Women’s sizing - Our Hooded Jumpsuits are made to fit petite women from Small to Extra Large.
  • Sizing info: These are made to be worn a little loose and have an elastic waist - always check the size chart before you order.
  • Roomy Pockets, Drawstring Hood and Black Neck Zipper - easy to carry your phone.
  • Easy Care Polyester - Machine washable / just hang to dry.
  • 90 Day Return Policy - Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Item #: YD8JPS27-01

    How are these Onesie Loungers supposed to fit?
    They are designed to be worn a little loose - like a playsuit. They are unbelievably comfortable and snuggly. The elastic waistband makes them feel more like clothing than like pajamas. You could certainly wear them at breakfast with the family!

    Concerning our sizing chart:
    We have tried these on women of all shapes and sizes. The recommendations you see on our charts are based on what they said they felt most comfy in both standing and curled up! 

    About microfleece:
    The fabric is both soft and lightweight which means they're cozy without being too warm. They are smooth on the outside and snuggly fleece on the inside. One customer said they’re the perfect thing to wear over your bathing suit if you need to walk outside to a hot tub. 

    Washing instructions:
    Wash these with similar colors in cold water. Expect that all fabric - even polyester - will shrink slightly (usually just about half an inch overall) when you wash it. Just hang to dry.

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