DIY Adult Footed Pajama Halloween Costumes

Hundreds of Adult Footed Pajama Costume Ideas!!!!

Adult footed pajamas make great do-it-yourself (DIY) Halloween costumes and we've compiled this list of our favorite costume ideas.
Wear your Footed Pajamas when you need a costume and THEN USE THEM AS PJS FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR...

Here are over 100 great homemade Halloween costume ideas that should cost less than $10 dollars extra
and take very little more than cardboard, magic markers, safety pins & a sense of humor.

Some of the costumes ideas have detailed instructions and others will require your own creativity and personal touch.
Use the 'Search' links to view our selection of pajamas.
Have fun and we hope you enjoy our costume ideas as much as we have enjoyed putting them together! 

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Adult Footed Pajama
Costume Colors

Costume Idea 




DIY Bald Eagle Costume

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DIY Batman Costume

Black scalloped cape. Add mask & gold belt. Stuff chest & arms for faux muscles.

DIY Black Bear Costume

Black headpiece* with tiny ears, brown oval on chest, black mittens with claws stapled to the end. Tiny tail on your butt.

DIY Blue Man Group Costume

Blue face & hands.

DIY Brak Costume

Cardboard mask or face paint, shallow hat with yellow cloth hanging, blue fabric X & belt, blue boots, red gloves. Sing.

DIY Butterfly Costume

Click Here

DIY Cat in the Hat Costume

Red & white posterboard hat, white oval on chest, red bowtie, triangle & whiskers painted on face, white gloves, black tail. Show up with Thing 1 & 2.

DIY Frankenstein Costume

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DIY Gorilla Costume

Store bought gorilla mask & hands... unless you're really artsy and want to paint your face.

DIY Insect Costumes:

DIY Caterpillar Costume - Legs. Tons of cardboard legs.

DIY Fly Costume - White mesh wings, green mirrored sunglasses.

DIY Mosquito Costume - White mesh wings, straw hanging from your mouth. Maybe tuck a napkin in your collar.

DIY Bumble Bee Costume - Yellow stripes around your thorax, wings, stinger on your butt, antennae. Couple costume: dress her as a flower.

DIY iPhone Costume

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DIY iPod Costume

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DIY Killer Whale Costume

Big white triangle on your chest, black hat with tiny eyes on opposite sides, black tail hanging from your butt, black fin on your back.

DIY Monarch Henchman Costume

Yellow-orange tunic. Black headpiece*, catseye-style glasses, and yellow mask. Yellow boot toppers and yellow rubber gloves from the grocery store!

DIY Monty Python & The Holy Grail Costume 

Add hat, crown or helmet - cover with tunic painted with appropriate embellishment. Add coconuts and a sword. (really works best with a grey pair of footies to mimic chain mail)

DIY Mouse Costume

Click Here

DIY Ninja Costume

Click Here

DIY Panda Bear Costume

White high-waisted shorts, black & white face paint, black mittens, black ears.

DIY Penguin Costume

White oval on chest & belly, red bow tie, black cap, yellow beak. Red cummerbund also works.

DIY Scuba Diver Costume

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DIY Seal Costume


Black headpiece*, paint whiskers on your face. Wear a sailor hat if you want to be a "Navy Seal".

DIY Skunk Costume

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DIY Vampire Bat Costume

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DIY Aladdin Costume 

Paint your face blue, wear your hair straight up in a pigtail and sport a red sash.

DIY Blueberry Costume

Blue face, green leafy hat.

DIY Blues Clues Costume

Dark blue nose, blue face & floppy ears, mittens with paw print, contrasting blue spots.

DIY Cookie Monster Costume

Ping pong ball eyes on half-sphere hat. Blue mittens. Blue headpiece* with styrofoam eyes. Bring cookies to share.

DIY Couple's Costume

Show up with "Milk of Magnesia" bottle - blue footies, white cap and label.

DIY Dolphin Costume

Add a big fin!

DIY Harold and the Purple Crayon Costume

Make a giant purple crayon from a piece of posterboard.

DIY Octopus Costume

Octopus: Add 6 arms & a blue headpiece.

DIY Planet Earth Costume

Click Here

DIY Purple Grapes Costume

Click Here

DIY Sealab Costume

Click Here

DIY Smurf Costume

Click Here

DIY Spaceman Costume

Milk carton hat - lots of official looking squares and circles pinned to your outfit. Faux jet packs and coat hanger antenna optional.

DIY Squid Costume

Squid: Same as octopus, but with Pope-like hat.

DIY Whale Costume

Big white triangle on your chest, blue hat with tiny eyes on opposite sides, blue tail hanging from your butt.

DIY X-Men Beast Costume

Stuff your footies with newspaper. Add black speedos with yellow belt and Beast-style hair. Paint your face blue.


DIY Alien Costume

Green face and hand paint. Antennas. Perhaps some kind of map with Earth, the sun and Mars, spacey looking probe...

DIY Leprechaun Costume

Green hat with a clover and a box of Lucky Charms oughta do the trick.

DIY Money Costume

Big old oval with George Washington sketched in it on your chest. Write "$1" on both hands. Tell people you don't go as far as you used to... lol.

DIY The Hulk Costume

Have portions of clothes hanging from your hulking green body. Paint your hands and face green.

DIY Turtle Costume

Oval shell on your back. Green shades. Tiny tail. Move slowly.


DIY Baltimore Oriole Costume 

Black wings & beak.

DIY Candy Corn Costume 

Cone hat - white on top, yellow on bottom.

DIY Carrot Costume

Click Here

DIY Dreamsicle Costume

Attach a rectangular cardboard "stick" to your baseball cap (maybe cut off the cap's bill).

DIY Flame Costume

Add triangles of red and yellow - show up with person dressed as a marshmallow.

DIY Fox Costume

Orange ears with white inside, black nose tip, white oval on chest, orange tail with white tip. Show up with Grapes (see above).

DIY Jack-O-Lantern Costume

Click Here

DIY Orange Traffic Cone Costume

Click Here

DIY Prisoner of Love Costume

Write long number on posterboard or fabric, pin to your back. Accent with ball & chain or handcuffs.


DIY Adam and Eve Costumes

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DIY Ballerina Costume

Click Here

DIY Cotton Candy Costume

Click Here

DIY Cupid Costume

Cardboard bow & arrows, tiny wings on your back, curly wig.

DIY Energizer Bunny Costume

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DIY Gum Under a Chair (or Shoe) Costume

Fasten a tiny shoe or chair to your hair - YOU - in your pink footies - are the gum.

DIY Pepto Bismol Bottle Costume

White "cap" and yellow label.

DIY Pig Costume

Click Here

DIY Pink Elephant Costume

Tiny pink wings, big pink ears hanging from your head, pink fabric nose & tail. Say "you're drunk!" if they guess what your costume is.

DIY Pink Flamingo Costume 

Big pink bustle-like tail, cover a baseball cap with pink felt, big black eyes & make the bill into a black beak. Pink wings hanging from arms. Stand on one leg all night.

DIY Pink Panther Costume

Pink felt tail & ears. Lighter pink oval pinned to your chest, red nose, big black eyebrows.

DIY Pink Poodle Costume

Click Here


DIY Jelly Doughnut Costume

See Éclair costume above.

DIY Purple Heart Costume

Wear a big gold heart on your chest.

DIY Purple Jesus Punch Costume

Carry a big bottle of something fruity - maybe a Carmen Miranda hat.

DIY The Phantom Costume

Shades and a purple balaclava.


DIY Big Red Dog Costume

Click Here

DIY Earthworm Costume

Rounded hat and carry a dirt sandwich.

DIY Electric Man (Peter Griffin) Costume

Click Here

DIY Elf Costume

Click Here

DIY Elmo Costume

Ping pong ball eyes and nose (on red half sphere hat). Red gloves.

DIY Garden Gnome Costume

Click Here

DIY Hot Dog Costume

Click Here

DIY Ketchup Bottle Costume

White hat as the bottle top. Add a Heinz-shaped label.

DIY Ladybug Costume

Click Here

DIY Lobster Costume

Click Here

DIY Pope Costume

Click Here

DIY Salsa on a Chip Costume

Click Here

DIY Sunburned Chick Costume

Affix "bikini" to the outside of your footies. Paint your face red. Add a blonde wig. Carry a tri-fold sun reflector made from cardboard covered in tin foil and a giant bottle with an "SPF ZERO" label.

DIY Sushi Costume

Click Here

DIY Vegetable & Fruit Costumes

DIY Chili Pepper, Apple, etc. Costume - Make a hat that looks like a stem or leaves from green felt

DIY Strawberry Costume - Click Here

DIY Group Costume Idea -  “The Fruit of the Loom Guys"

DIY Whoopie Cushion Costume

Cardboard hat shaped like the mouth of a whoopie cushion, "WHOOPIE" sign on chest.

DIY Worm on a Hook Costume

Make a giant hook from cardboard covered in tin foil. Hang it around your neck - YOU are the worm.


DIY Astronaut Costume

Rounded posterboard hat with circular opening in front. White mittens, flags and your name taped to your chest.

DIY Bun in the Oven Costume

Pregnant? Carry a large "mock oven" square made from cardboard covered with tin foil. Lots of knobs on the top. Cut out a "door" and have your footy pj'ed belly stick through a bit... get it?

DIY Éclair Costume

See Hot Dog costume - same principle, you're the filling, make an éclair to go around you.

DIY Elvis Costume

Click Here

DIY White Ninja Costume

Click Here

DIY Princess Leia Costume

Click Here

DIY Wonder Bread Costume

Google the Wonder Bread logo - make a hat from stiff white paper with primary colored dots on it... wear the logo on your chest. Carry a jar of peanut butter and a butter knife.


DIY Banana Costume

Pointy black and yellow hat, pointy black and yellow tail hanging off your butt - nearly to the floor.

DIY Easter Egg Costume

Lots of rick-rack around your belly - maybe a pair of bunny ears.

DIY Peeps Costume

Paint your face yellow, wear shades, give out Easter candy.

DIY Rubber Chicken Costume

Orange posterboard beak, red posterboard mohawk (comb) and wattle... big red feet.

DIY School Bus Costume

Wheels on your hips, windows around your chest... little smiling faces in the windows.

DIY Wolverine Costume

Blue accessories, yellow hat, shades with blue wings.


DIY Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans Costume

Group costume: Multi-colored labels over a variety of different colored footies.

DIY Bottled Sauce Costume

Posterboard or sheet safety-pinned to your chest - with bottle cap shaped hat (Ketchup, Tabasco Sauce, etc.)

DIY Can of Food Costume

3 pieces of posterboard taped together as label around your waist - w/optional foil-covered circle on your head (Campbell's Soup, Can o'Beans, be Cat Food if your wife dresses as a cat, etc.)

DIY Candy Bar Costume

Sandwich board* style label (works great with red & blue for Mounds & Almond Joy - sing "sometimes you feel like a nut" song all night.

DIY Candy Cane Costume

Click Here

DIY Care Bears Costume

Click Here

DIY Crayon Costume

Matching posterboard with "CRAYOLA", matching cone hat. Yellow posterboard label.

DIY Fat Suit Costume

Stuff your footies with newspaper.

DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume

Click Here

DIY Jester Costume

Add a jester hat and pointy foot toppers. Adding diamond accents and/or pointy wristlets should look good. Wear bells.

DIY M&M Couple's Costume

Click Here

DIY Playing Cards Costume

Sandwich board* style giant playing card on front & playing card back behind.

DIY Power Ranger Costume

White boot toppers, white Power Ranger accents, hat made from felt (or an old bicycle helmet).

DIY Road Signs Costume 

Red stop sign can make a couple costume with an orange traffic cone.

DIY Robot Costume

Box hat - covered with foil - with hole cut out for your face. Antennas, lots of official looking squares and circles on your chest. Tin foil gloves and foot toppers.

DIY Sandwich Costume

Sandwich board* style bread made from cardboard. Use felt embellishments to mimic lettuce, etc.

DIY Snail or Hermit Crab Costume

Cardboard "shell" on your back.

DIY Soda, Red Bull, Snapple Costume

3 pieces of posterboard taped together as label around your waist - w/optional foil-covered circle or bottle cap on your head.

DIY Sports Team Fanatic Costume

Paint face & write name of team on your chest - undo your zipper and flash people when they ask "what are you supposed to be?".

DIY Superhero Costume

Click Here

DIY Teletubbies Costume

Click Here

DIY Vanderwaals Forces Costume
(group costume)

Big "V" on chests - capes, Lone Ranger-style masks over eyes. Keep bumping into each other.

DIY Where the Wild Things Are Costume

Click Here




Buy felt (or adhesive-backed felt) at your local fabric or craft store. Clip a few safety pins inside your costume for in-the-field repairs.


Put your head through a t-shirt collar (like you're going to put it on) but just pull your face through. Tie the arms behind your head - either under or over the rest of the t-shirt (depending on what look you want to achieve - Ninja or Seal). You're done.


Two pieces of cardboard, one in front, one in back, held together by straps across your shoulders.


Nobody will care if you pin things to a baseball cap, but if you must be fancier purchase a headband or barrettes or a cheap pair of shades to affix props to.





ALL costumes should always be easy to take off in case of problems (bee down your dropseat, caught in an elevator door, etc.). Do not wear costumes that might make you trip or obscure your vision. In case you overheat: always wear a tank top under your costume - you can always unzip your footies and tie the arms around your waist.