How to Make a Carrot Costume for Adults

Save money! Make a costume out of footies and you get to use the footies all year long. Do-it-yourself costumes are always better than one from the mall.

A group of fruits (like our blue grapes costume idea) or vegetables is a great group costume.

How to make an Adult Carrot Costume from an orange pair of footie pjs:

Start with one pair of Adult Footed Pajamas

  • Make a leaf hat from green felt - or green posterboard or gift wrap (Felt is available in a 6 foot wide version for about $5 a yard from fabric stores) 
  • The hat in the photo was made by just taking a large piece of felt, folding it in a cone shape around the victim's head, and stapling it at the back. 
  • Cut the leaves and staple them to the top of the hat.
  • Make some appropriate accoutrements from felt (for aphids) or twine (for roots) or posterboard (for seeds), etc. then pin them to your footies.