DIY Elf Halloween Costume Idea Using Footed Pajamas

How to Make an Adult Elf Costume
This is a fun and easy costume which requires NO (real) SEWING! We used staples and safety pins.

Making your adult elf costume:

  • Start with a pair of Adult Footed Pajamas
  • Make an Elf Hat 
  • Use green felt with red felt elf ears (Felt is available in a 6 foot wide version for about $5 a yard from fabric stores)
  • The hat in the photo was made by just taking a triangle of felt, stapling it closed, turning it inside out, then stapling the ears to it.

  • Make some Elf Trim
  • Use felt. Cut a zig-zag along cuff, ankle & belt lengths. Pin them to yourself.
  • Give yourself an Elf Complexion
  • Use green eye shadow.
  • Much easier to wash off than green body paint!