DIY Energizer Bunny Halloween Costume Idea Using Footed Pajamas

DIY Homemade Energizer Bunny Costume


How to make an Energizer Bunny Costume out of a pair of adult footies:

Start with one pair of Adult Footed Pajamas

  • Make or purchase a Pair of Bunny Ears 
  • Available on our site - click here
  • Or at costume shops - or make a pair from felt, a headband and wire. (The ears we sell do not stand up by themselves! For the photo we cut little holes in the headpiece and ears and bent a coat hanger up as an armature to support them.)
  • Make a Pair of Comically Large Drumsticks from Posterboard and Tin Foil.
  • Form a cylinder from Posterboard for the stick, form a wider cylinder for the "Beater".
  • Fold and tape one end of the beater and spray paint it Red.
  • Crumple Tin Foil around the end and slip the beater on - secure with a little tape.
  • Make a Drum - See photo below.
  • Cut two large circles of Cardboard, cover them with Posterboard, cut an 8" by 2' piece of Cardboard - bend into a square or triangle and tape it between the two round drum sides (see pic below).
  • Cut long 10" wide strips of White Posterboard. Place the 2 circles with a cardboard square thing on one of them and tape it every 8 inches as you cover the outside (see pic below). 
  • Cut Red Paper into thin strips and tape it in a zig-zag pattern on the outside (or just draw them with a magic marker.
  • Emblazon the sides with the Energizer logo (use magic markers).
  • Slip a piece of fabric through the edge strip and tie it around your torso.
  • Add a large white fabric circle to your chest and slip on a pair of Ray Bans Shades.
  • Make a pair of Mittens 
  • Do not drive wearing the drum, mittens or shades.e to see photo of mitten shapes on the Care Bears Costume page.
  • Staple them shut, turn them inside out.
  • Take the ears off if you get pulled over. :)