How to Make a Frankenstein Costume for Adults

Start with one pair of Adult Footed Pajamas

Add a Black Hair Hat...

  • Make a Set of Neck Bolts from a Bent Coat Hanger, Cardboard and Tin Foil.
  • Cut the Hanger to size, bend it to fit the neck, place the cardboard  bolt" end on the end of the wire, wrap the cardboard, then wrap the  bolt" stem - then wrap the end of that piece of foil around the hanger.
  • Secure it with tape.

  • Make a Very Large Sport Jacket from Moss Green Felt (Felt is available in a 6 foot wide version for about $5 a yard from fabric stores).
  • Lay an existing loose-fitting jacket on your felt, cut around it (leave at least 4" - this has to fit over a footie pajama - and have stuffing added in the shoulders).
  • It's best to make a newspaper pattern first, then hold it up to your victim for sizing, so you don't cut your felt incorrectly...
  • Sew it together and place stuffing (toilet paper or newspaper) under the shoulders of the pajamas.
  • Make Frankenstein Complexion from Green Face Paint. Add some "railroad tracks" looking stitches on forehead.