DIY Garden Gnome Halloween Costume Idea Using Footed Pajamas

Homemade Adult Garden Gnome Costume:
This costume requires no sewing, but you will need a stapler.
Making your garden gnome costume:

Start with a pair of Adult Footed Pajamas

  • Make the Gnome Hat from Green Felt (available 6 foot wide for about $5 a yard from fabric stores).
  • Cut 2 triangles, staple them together, turn it inside out - fold up the brim.
  • Cut a beard, mustache, sideburns and eyebrows from fake fur or felt and staple to the hat.
  • See pic at right and below.



  • Make the Gnome Tunic & Belt
  • Use yellow or orange felt or fabric, cut up a large t-shirt
  • Cut a buckle from posterboard or cardboard and slip the belt (made from plastic or felt) through it.
  • Or just tie a sash - or sheets braided to look like rope - around your waist.
  • Make the gnome pipe using orange posterboard
  • Cut 2 pipe shapes, tape them together, form them to a rounded shape by bending and smooshing them and stick some oak leaves or felt in the bowl.
  • Make Gnome Implements
    • You can carry rakes, fishing poles, baskets, little brown jug, watering cans, lanterns, giant carrots, gnome porno mags, etc. (just checking to see if you're paying attention!) :)