How to Make an Adult Ladybug Costume

This costume requires NO SEWING!

Making your adult ladybug costume:

Start with a pair of Adult Footed Pajamas

  • Make Ladybug Wings
  • Buy 3-4 feet of "netting" from a fabric store (about $2 a yard).
  • See directions below.
  • Fold the netting in half and cut like "B" below ("D" is the fold).
  • Staple a dozen felt (or posterboard) circles to it. Put a circle on both sides of the netting for strength (see "C" below).
  • Pin it to your back, elbows and wrists.


  • Make a Ladybug Mask from black felt.
  • Fold it in half, cut it out (see "A").
  • Tie it around your head with the point up or down.
  • Make the Ladybug Antennae by twisting a black pipe cleaner around a headband (available from grocery or drug stores) and attaching spray-painted styrofoam balls.
  • Just about any bug or butterfly can be made from this style of costume. 
  • For a Butterfly Costume use several colors of netting and staple black strips around the outside of the wings.

For a Fly Costume make giant green eyes by cutting a large styrofoam ball in half, dipping it in glue and rolling it in green glitter and affixing it to the headband. Make fly wings by using white netting that you've drawn black lines on with a permanent black marker.