How to Make a Pink Poodle Costume for Adults

Save money! Make a costume out of footies and you get to use the footies all year long.

Making your pink poodle costume for adults:

Start with a pair of Adult Footed Pajamas

  • Make a Poodle Headpiece from pink Mesh (available 6 foot wide for about $2 a yard from fabric stores), ribbon, ears, and a headband (see photo below).
  • Make 6 Frou-Frou bunched-up mesh thingys from ribbon and pink mesh.
  • Tie one to a headband (available at grocery and drug stores) with ears made from craft foam or posterboard.
  • See photo at the bottom of the page for how to push a ribbon through Mesh with a paper clip (in case you don't own a needle).
  • Make a Poodle Tail
  • Use 1 Frou-Frou bunched-up mesh thingy to tie to a poodle tail made from craft foam or posterboard.
  • Pin it to your butt. 
  • Put the rest on your wrists and ankles.

  • Make a Poodle Collar from craft foam or ribbon
  • Cut a little pink heart, bend a paper clip to hold it to the collar, use a marker to make "belt holes", tape it around your neck.
  • Photo below shows how to get a ribbon through mesh by using a paper clip (tape the paper clip shut - the mesh will tear a little when you pull the ribbon through, but it's just a costume!)