Homemade No-Sew Adult Scuba Diver Costume

This is a NO SEWING REQUIRED costume!

How to make a cheap homemade Adult Scuba Diver Costume:

Start with one pair of Adult Footed Pajamas

  • Make a Scuba Mask from Black Posterboard.
  • Use newspaper first - you'll need to adjust it to your frogman's head, eyes and nose. The little triangular cut in the small part of A is so that the Frogman isn't breathing directly onto posterboard all night.
  • Make a Diver's Belt from Orange Posterboard & a Belt (or fabric). We used felt. See D below right. 
  • Cut a bunch of rectangles, cut two slits in each, thread the "belt" thorough them, tie around waist.
  • Make a pair of Flippers from Blue Posterboard or Craft Foam. We used Craft Foam.

  • Use newspaper first - you'll need to adjust it to your Frogman's feet. Then draw lines to give it a 3-D effect.
  • Staple it to a ribbon or strip of felt - tie around ankles.
  • DO NOT make them too long - just to the ends of the feet - and tie them pretty high on the ankles - do not make your Frogman trip!!!
  • Make a Divers Air Tank from Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, etc. Posterboard.
  • See F, G & H below.

  • Start by making a cylinder and taping it shut. 
  • Cut 2" strips in the top and bend them down - staple them in the middle until you can't fit the stapler in there any more. Then just tuck them under the strips you've already stapled and tape them on the inside. 
  • To add Straps, just cut a slit in the tape you used to seal the cylinder - stick the top of your straps (fabric, plastic, etc.) into the cylinder and staple them. 
  • Do the same at the bottom (put it on your Frogman to test how long to make the straps before you staple the bottom. (See I & J below) 











  • Make a Divers Air Supply from Black Felt and Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, etc. Posterboard or Craft Foam.
  • See K below. The one we made was not long enough - so make yours longer. Then staple it to a circle of Posterboard and make a little cylinder to put on the top of the tank. Make a conically shaped air supply thingy (see yellow thingy in photo above) (sorry, we have no idea what we're talking about when it comes to diver's gear!).
  • Staple it to the "tubes" coming out of the top of the tank and drape around shoulders (see pic).

Couple Costume Idea:
Add someone dressed as a:

  • Giant Squid
  • Octopus
  • Really any aquatic costume...

Alternate Costume Idea: 

  • Frogman being Eaten by a Giant Squid
  • Skip the Mask and make a Giant Squid from fabric or foam. Wear it like a hat.
  • We said "Alternate Costume Idea"... we didn't say it was a "GOOD Alternate Costume Idea"!!! :)