How to Make an Adult Smurf Costume

Save money! Make a costume out of footies and you get to use the footies all year long.

Do-it-yourself costumes are 
always better than those purchased from the mall.

Making your adult Smurf costume:

Start with a pair of Adult Footed Pajamas

Make a Smurf Hat

  • Use white or red fleece or felt Cut a half circle, fold it in half, sew down the side. (see C below)
  • Turn it inside out & fold it under. Stuff it with tissue. (see D below)
  • Make a Pair of Smurf Pants
  • Use white felt (available 6 foot wide for about $5 a yard from fabric stores, see photo & detailed instructions below).
  • Make a Smurf Complexion, We've been told to use women's blue eye shadow if you don't want to use face paint.

  • The photo on the right is a real smurf - so he didn't have to use face paint.
  • How to Make a Pair of Costume Pants, Use 6 foot wide felt (available at fabric stores)
  • First, start with a 4 foot section. Cut it in half and fold the two pieces in half.
  • Then lay your footed pajamas (or a pair of jeans if you're making pants for a non-footy costume - then buy footies later because you love us).
  • Fold them in half and lay the outside of the leg on the fold and mark a dotted line about 2 inches from the edge.
  • Cut on the dotted line.
  • See how to sew them below...

  • Start at the crotch and sew each leg closed.
  • Then sew the two legs together (starting at the crotch, sew up the front side, then go back to the crotch and sew up the back side)
  • Try them on over your footies. If they're too big just sew down the outside of the pants - don't sew between the legs (unless you really know what you're doing!)
  • See how to make the feet below...

  • How to make the Smurf Feet:
  • Put the Smurf Pants on, pin them to your footies, cut around the back of the heels (where the pants touch the 
  • floor) then up around over the feet.
  • Cut "Shield-Shaped" pieces of felt, pin to feet.
  • Safety-pin them to your footies. See photo at the top of the page. They look pretty good for being made by an amateur. (Yes, this is a VERY low-budget Smurf Costume!!!)
  • Or skip the pants, make the hat (use a stapler), and go to the Halloween party as a "Naked Smurf"!