DIY Vampire Bat Halloween Costume Idea Using Footed Pajamas

How To Make a Homemade Adult Vampire Bat Costume

This is a NO SEW adult vampire bat costume made with DIY wings and a store-bought hat.

How to make an Adult Vampire Bat Costume from black footed pajamas:

  • Start with one pair of Adult Footed Pajamas
  • Make a pair of Bat Wings from Black Felt (Felt is available in a 6 foot wide version for about $5 a yard from fabric stores)
  • Use a piece about 6 feet wide by 3 feet. Fold it in half (the fold is the part that will be behind your back). 
  • Cut through it like the photo below.
  • We were able to get wings for both a bat and an eagle from the same piece!
  • Cut slits for your hands & pin the wings at your elbows and the back of your neck.
  • Make a Bat Headpiece From Black Felt or Posterboard stapled to a baseball cap with the brim removed. (The hat in the photo was purchased from a Halloween Store). 
  • Add plastic Vampire teeth for extra credit!