DIY Where the Wild Things Are Wolf Halloween Costume Idea Using Footed Pajamas

Where the Wild Things Are Wolf Costume

This is a no-sew costume. How to make a Max (Where the Wild Things Are) Costume out of a pair of adult footies:

Start with one pair of Adult Footed Pajamas - any color you like or cheat by buying one of our Wolf Footed Pajama Costumes - already made!

  • Make a Crown from Felt - and Posterboard (Felt is available in a 6 foot wide version for about $5 a yard from fabric stores) 
  • The hat in the photo was made by just cutting a large piece of felt, rolling it into a cylinder and stapling it to cut posterboard.
  • Staple the Bunny Ears inside (flopping out just a little).
  • Cut 12" x 24" piece of Felt - sew or staple the back up so it looks like a hood - put it over your head and put the crown on top. Draw whiskers on the sides.

  • Make some Foot Toppers, Buttons & Paws from Felt. 
  • Then pin them to your footies.
  • Make a Major Tail from Fabric.
  • Staple two tail-shaped pieces together and turn it inside-out. Pin to your butt.
  • See diagrams below and right... 
  • Make a Scepter from Posterboard, Tin Foil & Duct Tape. 
  • Maybe use a styrofoam ball inside the top piece. 
  • Go wild!