• Papa Gnome costume you can wear year-round!
  • Includes blue mittens, blue pin-on tail, and red gnome hat
  • Full body zipper - Makes getting in & out a breeze.
  • 90 Day Return Policy - Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Unisex sizing - Our Papa gnome costumes fit both men & women.
  • Easy care polar fleece
  • Hat sizing info: The hats included with sizes 5 and 6 costumes fits heads up to 21.5" around. The hats included in sizes 7 through 10 fit heads up to 27" around.
  • Item #: JC766-RB

How are these footed pajamas supposed to fit?
They should fit loose enough that you can curl up into a ball and have them still not feel tight. All of our pajamas are made extra roomy so you shouldn't have to order a larger size just to get extra room in the waist.

Concerning our sizing chart:
We have tried our adult footed pajamas on hundreds of different-sized people. The recommendations you see on our charts are based on what they said they felt most comfy in both standing and curled up!

About our polar fleece:
Our polar fleece fabric is both soft and lightweight which means they're cozy without being too warm. Our 3-season fleece is perfect for Fall, Winter, and Spring. Full-body garments can't be made from extremely thick fleece or they'll be too warm to wear for more than a few minutes.

Washing instructions:
We recommend that you wash your footed pajamas with similar colors and use cold water to minimize shrinking. Expect that these pajamas will shrink slightly (usually just about half an inch overall) when you wash them.

About the full body zipper:
Our footie pajamas feature a full body zipper that runs from the collar to just below your waist which means it's very easy to get in and out of them.

About the kangaroo pockets:
One of the most popular features on our footies are the kangaroo pockets which help keep your hands nice and toasty and your cellphone handy. The pockets are sewn on the front just above the waist.

About the soles:
Our footies have little red "friction-dots" on the bottom of the feet which help keep the soles clean.