• 100% Cotton
  • WOVEN LIGHTWEIGHT COTTON FLANNEL Lightweight 100% cotton, a natural breathable fiber. This makes these onesie pajamas with feet perfect for year around sleep and lounge comfort.
  • HIGH QUALITY FLANNEL IS YARN DYED, NOT PRINTED Our yarn is color dyed and then woven to make our one-piece flannel footie pajamas; giving you constant color inside and out. Much nicer sleepwear than white flannel with a printed plaid design just on one side.
  • REDUCED HEATING COSTS / LOWER FUEL BILLS - Wearing warm onesies with feet for lounge and sleep can allow lower heat settings day and night. Studies show that lowering home temps as little as 3 degrees can reduce heating costs nearly 10%.
  • MATCHING PAJAMAS PERFECT GIFT - Unisex pajamas; searching onesies for men, onesies for women or onesies for couples, our unisex adult footed flannel pajamas is your best fit onesie choice. Our flannel pajamas are a popular gift choice for couples, college students, video gamers, the hard to shop for and the perfect attire for pajama parties and events or binge watching your favorite programs. ?SIZING See sizing chart for ADULT FLANNEL FOOTED PAJAMAS WITH DROP SEAT in description below?

Big Feet Pajama Co. Plaid Flannel Footed Onesie Pajamas Flannel is a very popular fabric choice for pajamas; the relaxed drape and lightweight nature is perfect for lounge and restful sleep. Big Feet Pajama flannel is 100% sateen cotton weave and double brushed for maximum comfort. Cotton is a natural fiber, it is breathable, wicks moisture and stays comfortably cool against skin. Our cotton flannel is not a heavy flannel you will see used in blankets or coats; it is a lighter weight flannel for more comfort and better sleep. Big Feet Pajama Co. plaid flannel pajamas are yarn dyed and woven into the classic tartan plaids. Yarn dyed plaid fabrics are more expensive and produce much nicer pajamas than the cheaper white cotton weave with a plaid design printed on one side. Big Feet Pajama plaid flannel pajamas are designed to be roomy for mobility and comfort. These onesies are cut larger than our polyester fleece onesies to allow for shrinkage, so please remember this when trying them on directly from the package. Big Feet Pajama Co. cotton flannel onesie footed pajamas are available in a variety of colorful plaid designs. These onesies are for both men and women, making them a great choice for couple’s matching pajamas. 100% Sateen Woven Cotton Classic Button Front Closure Design Double Brushed Flannel for Extra Softness Yarn Dyed - not printed - Plaid Tartan Designs Soft Comfortable Cotton Rib Knit Collar and Cuffs Footed Onesie with Breathable No Slip Non Skid Soles Matching Pajamas for Couples, Vacations, Weddings, PJ Parties Classic Plaid Onesies by Big Feet Pajama Co. Classic onesie footed pajamas are the perfect choice for photo memories, vacations, pajama parties and of course sleeping and lounging. Read more Adult Flannel Footed Pajamas with Drop Seat Footed Pajamas with Classic Drop Seat and Button Front for Men & Women in Unisex Sizes: Height (ft) / (cm) Weight (lbs) / (kgs) XS Up to 5'3" / 160 cm Up to 130 lbs / 59 kgs S Up to 5'6" / 168 cm Up to 150 lbs / 68 kgs M Up to 5'9" / 175 cm Up to 180 lbs / 82 kgs L Up to 6'0" / 183 cm Up to 210 lbs / 96 kgs XL Up to 6'4" / 195 cm Up to 240 lbs / 110 kgs Please use this size chart as a basic guide. When height and weight show different sizes - select the larger size. Onesies are sized to be roomy for better mobility and comfort. Read more Durability & Lower Heating Bills - Wise Choice. Wearing Big Feet Pajama Co. footed pajamas, families can lower their thermostat. Our onesies are more durable, last longer and can also help reduce heating costs, making them a wise choice. Lowering the thermostat will reduce heating costs 3% for each degree. Perdue University / US Dept of Energy Example: Family heating bill is $200 with thermostat set to 70F, 67F becomes $182 65F becomes $170 60F becomes $140 55F becomes $110 Good for the pocket book, good for the planet, and oh so comfy! Read more Big Feet Pajama Company Big Feet Pajama Company, in beautiful Gig Harbor - Washington, has been family owned and operated since beginning in 2005. Created with the belief that adults would truly enjoy, "the footed pajamas you wore as a kid available in adult sizes"; we sincerely hope every order we ship also delivers smiles and fond nostalgic memories to you and your loved ones. In 2008, Big Feet Pajama Company began lines of children’s pajamas, matching the adult fleece footed pajamas, for perfect family pictures and moments kids will fondly recall as adults. Currently, Big Feet Pajama Company offers mainly unique styles of pajamas: Footed Onesie Pajamas for Adults Footed Onesie Pajamas for Adults Hoodie Footed Pajamas for Adults Drop Seat Footed Onesie Pajamas Footed Onesie Pajamas for Kids Union Suit One-Piece Pajamas for Adults with Drop Seat Union Suit One-Piece Pajamas for Kids 2-Piece Footed Pajamas for Kids Fleece Hoodies for Pets Hoodie One-Piece Jumpsuits for Adults Our pajamas are available in a variety of fabrics for individual preferences in all climates: Cotton Jersey Knit Cotton Woven Lightweight Fannels Cotton Rib Knit Cotton-Spandex Rib Knit Polyester Micro Polar Fleece Polyester Plush Fleece Cotton-Polyester Fleece From our family to yours. A member of the Fitzpatrick family directly oversees, or is responsible for every area of the Big Feet Pajama Company brand operations. We value the input and requests we receive from our customers. Consumer input was the driving force in the creation of our brand and customer feedback steers the direction we go with our products. Have a Pa-jammin Day! John, Tammy & Bryan Fitzpatrick