Sherpa Bunny Costume - Animal Onesie Pajamas - One Piece Pajama

  • Each order includes one onesie in the Unisex size selected above. For proper sizing, please see the size chart in photos
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Wash
  • CURL UP IN CUDDLES - Stay warm and comfortable in our bunny animal pajamas by FUNZIEZ! With the ultra-soft sherpa texture, our onesies will keep you warm and cozy while also being fun and cuddly.
  • HOP TO IT - From lovingly stitched face details on the hood to the cute little tail, these fun costumes feature the perfect amount of detail to let you fully embrace the rabbit within. Pair your bunny rabbit one piece with a set of animal slippers (not included), and you'll be the star of your next sleepover!
  • COZY - A special blend of comfort and fun, these plush materials are soft to the touch and will keep you warm during those cold winter months. Zip-up closure allows you to quickly get dressed while the loose fit gives you the flexibility to easily wear over your existing clothes or jacket.
  • CONVENIENT POCKETS - Slip pockets at the sides are perfect for storing all your stuff with convenience, or just for keeping your hands warm in this one piece pajama set. It's the best place to keep your phone, wallet, keys, gum wrappers, crumpled up receipts and so much more!
  • SIZING & CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Our union suits are machine washable, but we highly recommend your new onesie costume be hand washed and laid flat to dry before wearing. Available in adult sizes Small through X-Large. See size chart for details.

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